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Keller-Bliesner Engineering, LLC
Through innovative and collaborative application of sound science we can best overcome the challenges arising from competing agricultural, urban and environmental water demands on a limited fresh water supply


Keller-Bliesner Engineering, LLC (KB) is an engineering consulting company specializing in irrigated agriculture and its relationship to the environment. We have expertise in all aspects of water resources engineering and water management, from determination of water supply to analyzing how water resources decisions and operations impact river basin ecosystems. Our project experience ranges from regional to individual field scale. We have a reputation for innovative solutions to complex water resources challenges.

  • Company Philosphy

    Our philosophy is through innovative and collaborative application of sound science we can best overcome the challenges arising from competing agricultural, urban and environmental water demands on a limited fresh water supply.

  • Our History

    In 1962, Dr. Jack Keller, then professor of Irrigation and Agricultural Engineering at Utah State University, formed Keller Engineering as a vehicle to provide consulting engineering services to clients world-wide. In 1978, Bliesner Engineering was formed by Ron Bliesner and Jack and Ron began working together providing consulting engineering services in the United States and abroad. In 1981, Keller Engineering and Bliesner Engineering merged to become Keller-Bliesner Engineering with Jack and Ron as the two partners.

  • Today

    Over the years, the firm has grown with the addition of Andrew Keller, Brian Westfall and Michael Isaacson as partners. Jack Keller passed away in 2013. Today, Keller-Bliesner Engineering, LLC constitutes an association of 9 engineers plus technical and office support staff with offices in Logan, UT and Farmington, NM.


We focus on Water Resources, Irrigation and Environmental Planning.

Water Resources

Sustainable development and management of water resources requires a broad understanding of the inter-relationships between the competing agricultural, urban and environmental uses, both presently and with an eye to the future. Keller-Bliesner Engineering uses its broad experience in water resource planning in agriculture and the environment to examine water resource problems holistically. We have a reputation for innovative solutions to difficult water resource problems and are experienced in solving these problems in a collaborative rather than confrontational manner.


The increased demand for food, and now bio-fuels, together with competition for water for urban and environmental uses places pressure on agriculture to produce more crop with less water. Keller-Bliesner Engineering is experienced in and committed to development and management of high efficiency, cost-effective, sustainable irrigation at any scale. We have worked with small growers in third-world countries, large commercial farms and entire irrigation districts to improve their systems and operations to produce more “crop per drop”.

Environmental Planning

Urbanization in agricultural areas brings unique challenges and opportunities. Historically this interface has been problematic. Keller-Bliesner Engineering is committed to an integrated approach to community planning that incorporates the needs of both sectors and lessens impacts to the environment. For example, linking the unique features of agricultural water transportation facilities with open space needs and finding synergistic opportunities of water exchange can create a more compatible interface between urban and agricultural land use.

Our Projects

A sample of the work we do.

Irrigation System Design and Management
Surface Water Hydrology
Environmental Studies and Monitoring
Water Conservation Programs
Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Planning

Senior Management

KB Partners and Management Team

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Ron Bliesner, PE, D.AWRE


Andy Keller, Ph.D., PE


Brian Westfall, PE

Senior Vice President

Michael Isaacson, PE

VP Project Engineering

We have a great team of engineers and support staff including Colleen Gnehm (Office Manager), Ian Wilson, PE, Shawn Stout, PE, Aaron Beutler, PE, Marvin Lewis, PE, Aaron Bliesner, RLA, Rochelle Vandever and Gary Jordan.

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Phone: (435) 753-5651

Keller-Bliesner Engineering, LLC
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Phone: (505) 320-9916

Ron Bliesner
Andy Keller
Brian Westfall
Michael Isaacson
Colleen Gnehm
Ian Wilson
Shawn Stout
Marvin Lewis
Aaron Beutler
Aaron Bliesner
Rochelle Vandever
Gary Jordan